United States Tent Pegging Federation

February 2014 Press Release 1 - First Milestone Achieved

February 17, 2014

International Champions Trophy Hosted by Prince Malik Ata Muhammad Khan Held in Faisalabad, Pakistan.


First milestone USTPF achieved when an invitation was received from the Equestrian &Tent Pegging Association of Pakistan (ETAP) immediately after establishing the USTPF to participate in the International Champion Trophy Tournament hosted by Prince Malik Ata Mohammad Kahn the President of ETAP. In that tournament two USTPF team players were sent to participate, Mr. Ammar M. Nomani and Mr. Aneet Singh Dhaliwal. First unfortunate thing happened before the tournament Mr. Dhaliwal went to visit his native country India and fell sick and could not arrive to Pakistan for the tournament. In an event when Mr. Dhaliwal didn't make it to Pakistan, Prince Malik of Pakistan provided three players to the USTPF team from three different countries and called the USTPF team as UN team. The UN team was based on Captain Mr. Ammar M. Nomani (USA), Tina Smith (UK), Bennie (South Africa) and Barry Biffin (Australia).







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