United States Tent Pegging Federation

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General Councils Email Liaison
General Secretary General.Secretary@ustpf.org Mrs. Shazia B. Malik 918-430-6325
Head Treasury Committee Treasurer@ustpf.org Ms. Alishbah Malik 918-430-6134
Head Medical Committee Medical.Council@ustpf.org Dr. Jamal Najmi Hyder M.D. 918-260-5184
Judical Committee Judical@ustpf.org Zane Muzaffar 918-639-7976
Finance Council Asim.Malik@ustpf.org Dr. Asim S. Malik. D.B.A. 9183468219
Standing Committees Email Liaison
Head International Eventing and Competitions Asim.Malik@ustpf.org Dr. Asim S. Malik D.B.A. 9183468219
Head Planning & Development Committee Planning@ustpf.org TBD 000.000.0000
Head Membership & Collections Stacy.Anderson@ustpf.org Stacy Anderson 000-000-0000
Head Equine Training Committee ETC@ustpf.org TBD 000-000-0000
Head Social Media Committee Social.Media@ustpf.org Hussnain Ali 614-900-9000
Head Youth Affairs Committee Youth@ustpf.org Shaham Asim Malik 000-000-0000
Head Veterinary Committee Veterinary@ustpf.org TBD 000-000-0000
Head Safety Committee Safety@ustpf.org Greg Summers 918-527-7964
Head Technical Committee Technical@ustpf.org Greg Summers 918-527-7964
Head Judging Committee Judging@ustpf.org Mrs. Shazia B. Malik 000-000-0000
Head Disciplinary Committee Disciplinary@ustpf.org Dr. Asim Shahzad Malik D.B.A. 918-346-8219
Head Competition Management Committee Competition.Eventing@ustpf.org TBD 000-000-0000
Head Budget and Finance Committee Budget@ustpf.org Dr. Asim Shahzad Malik D.B.A. 918-346-8219
Head Board of Directors Committee Board@ustpf.org Dr. Asim Shahzad Malik D.B.A. 918-346-8219
Head Audit Committee Audit@ustpf.org Dr. Asim Shahzad Malik D.B.A. 918-346-8219
Head Appeal Committee Appeal@ustpf.org TBD 000-000-0000
Head Advisory Committee Advisory@ustpf.org TBD 000-000-0000
Head Domestic Eventing Committee D.E@ustpf.org Umer Raza 539-664-0794
Head Training Committee abbas_ansar@hotmail.com Ansar Abbas 918-346-8219
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